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Soul Sighting©

It is a wild thing,
driven with passionate emotion,
hiding in the forest of belief,
independent and self-sufficient.

We rush along the road of life
with clamor and commotion,
through the center of its native land,
and never see the untamed prowler
lurking in the wilderness.

Yet if we sit in the center
of our thoughts,
and take a moment
in the stillness of age,
the shy one approaches with caution
at the edges of our consciousness
and retreats once again;
leaving behind the memory,
of its presence.


Join The Breeze©

The wind blew through the ages,
spinning fact and mystery
into the riddles of the prophets.
Words whispered of the day
when a few would breathe the wind inside,
and in them, fact and mystery collide.

The day came and went,
so we breathe the hope
of a new tomorrow,
as truth whispers the unknown
in the souls of us who follow,
one day to stop in mid-breath
and join the breeze, that we longed to pursue.


Join The Wind

Breathing is the way of life.
To take it in and let it go,
it slips through your fingers
and is lost around you
to be taken in once again,
and repeated over and over,
until the moments end,
and we join the wind.


Tossed By The Waves©

Circumstances surround me
as I slip from the rock of faith
to be tossed in a sea
of uncertainty.
As Polaris virtually spins
in this very real reality,
I drift between empty horizons
of past and future,
and all I can do is wonder
when I shall stand
on the rock again;
wonder when I shall understand,
and reach beyond for the truth,
that glows above.


Drifting Towards The Light©

The years rip me from the rock
and toss me ‘tween empty horizons.
Drifting towards the truth,
yet still out of reach,
I wonder when I shall walk
its shore beyond.

Faith is but a dream of hazy hope
from yesterday.
I look back and see the haze.
I look forward and see the emptiness
between me and the moon;
and I find some comfort,
as I drift towards the light.


Above My Doubts©

Drifting in this sea,
away from the rock,
years rise and fall
on an empty horizon.

Reaching above for the glow
that shines through the clouds
in the storm,
I see the image dance upon the water;
unable to grasp the reflection,
as it fades in the haze.
I see it no more,
but it pulls me on.


In The Storm©

Tossed by the waves
I choke and gasp for air,
breathing the liquid worries
that rise around,
and even fall from the heavens
in the grayness of the storm.

The distant and the near
blur together as doubts drop from the sky
to join the misgivings I already have,
drowning me in my fears.

I still believe,
though emotions rise and fall,
and I descend into the darkness,
of a watery grave.


In The Corner

In the corner of my mind
sits caution like a timid child.
Watching the light out the window,
shadows sprawl across the walls
of the recesses where he used to play.

Now older, the hollow is darker,
covered with dusty memories
and fragments of broken dreams,
enclosing the youngster in the corner,
where he can’t hide, from whom he’s become.


Dry Bones Danced

I was led by the wind
into a valley of bones.
I spoke the words You had given
and the dry bones danced,
with a clatter they came together,
and flesh formed around
the corpses on the ground.

Arise four winds of the skies
breathe life into these empty shells.
And they stood before me
a vast army.

He has brought us up from the grave
and breathed into us His Spirit anew

Center Of The Ride

Spinning illusions,
this carousel of life turns faster
than I did when I was young;
playing a minor melody,
a blues riff with no harmony,
over these contrapuntal times
of destiny.

Blurring notes and vision
’round and ‘round I go,
yet moving toward the center
where I can stay
on the axis of Your will,
and kneel, as these times
revolve more rapidly.


Under The Sign Of The Stars©

The night pulses like the nerves
of a wreak tilting down the strip,
stumbling from codependence to chemical;
wanting the bread to feed the hunger,
left by the lack of substantive love.

We’re in a place some call paradise.
A thin film covers the real,
as they cast their fate in the can.

The flick never shows the fact,
in the theater of our minds.
As the light glows behind,
we sit, beyond reality’s frame.


A Mission To Rescue The Signs©

Twisted messages shine.
Worldly hues to buy your soul.
A vapor charged with desire
shimmering and coloring your conclusions,
till you don’t see their darkness
when their power is present.

Sophisticated city
that dims the heavens.
One sign shines
twisting straight the truth
with its glassy glow.
Almost to simply to understand
it beckons the fallen,
to find its meaning, above the mission.


Breathing The Mystery©

Breathing the mystery,
smoke swirls in the light
and I take in the unknown,
in the stillness of the moment.

The ancient fragrance of the sages
leaves the obscure scent of questions
better left beyond my understanding;
better to dissipate at the edges
of reason and security.

Breathing and knowing
I can’t grasp the eddy,
as it ascends.


Under The Influence©

Wheels of decisions turn,
direction is the first thing you lose.
All encompassing love
distorting objectivity,
your feet don’t touch the ground.

If your love is imperfect you learn to fear.
Balancing on a changing emotion
the line shifts with the driving intoxication,
blinding you with the light of oncoming situations.

To stand on the asphalt and not blame the movement
of the traffic as it rushes past.
They come and go and you stand in the flow,
as they dim the heavens, that you know are there.


Third Eye Blind©

The prophets speak
with their mind’s eye blind,
as the current of destiny
pulls them into the abyss.

The Chosen see some of it,
through a glass greatly darkened,
because the riddled writings
will be fully revealed,
to the ones left behind.

The questions fall
in line with the Answer,
and a few understand
but know not when,
the clairvoyance will come,
to an end.


Searching For The Glow©

Walking in tinsel town,
the glimmer has lost its glitter,
as I stand on an intersection
and look at the moon,
choked in the filth of the faithless.

In their rush and hurry,
they get caught in the stop and go,
and don’t notice the light from above
shining with the truth of who they are,
travelers, searching for the glow.


Lost In My Shadow©

Walking in the light,
I sometimes cast my shadow
over those,
at the edges of the glow.

Do I dare look behind,
as my religion darkens the eyes
of those looking up to me,
trying to understand the light
from above?

I reach above without reaching back,
to hold those near to me
in the warmth that I’ve found;
casting a shadow, over the lost.


On The Mountain©

A little tree grows
in the shadows
of the elder pines.

When it is old
it is nearer to the sun,
and hopefully, not alone
on the mountain